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King Island Wind Farm Debate

The Facebook site is to allow open community debate – the site is NOT moderated by TWCC.


TWCC would like to remind everyone to show respect to each other and different points of view. Remember that everyone has a right to a viewpoint, regardless if you are for, against or undecided.

TWCC - assisting the community to make informed decisions

TasWind is a project proposed by Hydro Tasmania to the community of King Island.  The concept would involve constructing a wind farm with around 200 wind turbines on King Island with a connection to Victoria via an undersea High Voltage Direct Current cable.

Hydro Tasmania is now proceeding with a feasibility assessment. Read more information here.

Previously this page was administered by the TasWind Consultative Committee (TWCC) as a tool for the King Island community to gather information, to assist people to make an informed decision on the TasWind Project. 

The TasWind Consultative Committee has now fulfilled it's duty and an advisory group to the Chamber of Commerce has been formed after listening to the community.  The sole purpose of this advisory group is to gather information and meet with all individuals and community groups in regards to the Hydro Community Fund.

Please contact Vinnie Holthouse on 0427 822 963 if you wish to contact this advisory group.

Community Presentations: 

A summary and report of each previous community presentation has been completed by the independent facilitators.
These summaries can be accessed on the Social/Community section