Hospital, Health & Aged Services

King Island HospitalHospital and Health Centre
The King Island Hospital and Health Centre is located in Currie. Facilities include a 6 bed acute ward, 6 bed Hostel accommodation for semi dependent residents, and an 8 bed Nursing Home for the elderly. Respite care is available after assessment by the Aged Care Assessment Team.

Telephone: (03) 6462 9900

Medical Staff
The Island is served by two permanent resident doctors, a Child and Family Health nurse, 2 Community Health nurses, a Health Promotions Officer, a Specialist Rural Worker, a private psychologist and a private physiotherapist.

Doctors Surgery Telephone: (03) 6462 0200

Medical Emergencies
A volunteer ambulance service operates on King Island.

All medical emergencies are initially assed by the local doctors. Serious and urgent cases are referred to the Royal Flying Doctor Service, who provide emergency air ambulance transfers to mainland Tasmania.

After Hours medical assistance
GP Assist operates as an After Hours medical health call line. Patients will initially speak to a nurse, and then be transferred to speak to a doctor if necessary. If the GP Assist doctor thinks a local doctor needs to see you, the on-call local doctor will be promptly notified.

There are no fees for using this service. Telephone 1300 780 011.   However, in an emergency please dial 000

Patient Travel Assistance Scheme
A Patient Travel Assistance Scheme (PTAS), provides some financial assistance for local residents who need off island medical diagnosis or treatment. Please telephone  03 6462 9900 for further information.

The King Island Pharmacy located in Currie and is open from Monday to Friday 9.30am –  5.30pm and Saturday 9.30am - 1pm.

Telephone: (03) 6462 1395