Live FAQ's


Dial 000 for emergency Police, Fire and Ambulance.


The local police station is located in Currie, and has 3 permanent police officers. Due to our island location, one staff member is usually a dedicated Marine officer.


King Island has four volunteer Fire Brigades located in Currie, Grassy, Naracoopa and Reekara.


A volunteer ambulance service operates on King Island using a pager system for rostered staff. All calls are attended as soon as possible, with staff located in most regions of the island.

The service boasts 1x four wheel drive ambulance and 1x standard Tasmanian road ambulance. King Island ambulances also carry additional equipment which has been purchased using funds from community fundraising activities.

Volunteer Ambulance officers receive training every two weeks, with periodic intensive training from visiting specialist trainers. 

How do I get to King Island?

From Victoria, there are two airlines, which routinely fly in and out of Melbourne.

Regional Express (REX) routine flights are daily from Tullamarine Airport phone 131713 (within Australia)
+61 2 6393 5550 (outside Australia)

King Island Airlines from Moorabbin Airport routine flights are twice daily on week days and daily on weekends
(03) 9580 3777 (within Australia) +61 39580 3777 (outside Australia)

Address: Building 35, End of First Avenue, Moorabbin Airport
Cheltenham East 3192 (Melways Reference: 87 G4)

From Tasmania, one airline only

Sharp Airlines from Burnie (Wynyard) or Launceston Airport.  Flights are twice daily on week days and daily on weekends. 1300 556 694.

Is King Island a safe place for my children?

King Island has always been a particularly wonderful place for young children.  The freedom and safety children can experience in their growing years on the island is off the scale compared to most places in Australia.  Fortunately safety is one main attraction of raising children on King Island.  Naturally adult supervision is always the safest avenue for very young children.

How do I get my furniture and car to King Island?

The Searoad Mersey, a freight carrying ship (known to locals as “The Boat”), docks at King Island most Sundays of the year from Melbourne, Victoria and Devonport, Tasmania. Should you wish to get a quote as to how much it will cost to move your furniture, contact the following carriers.

McKenzie Agencies 03 6462 1415 (within Australia)

+61 3 64621415 (outside Australia)

King Island Stockfeeds 03 6462 1574 (within Australia)

+61 3 64621574 (outside Australia)

Transportation of a vehicle

From Port Melbourne, Sea Road Shipping 03 9681 9466 (within Australia) Address: No. 2 Berth, Webb Dock, Dockside Road, Port Melbourne Vic 3207

From Devonport, Tasmania, Sea Road Shipping 03 6420 4401 (within Australia)

80-82 Wright Street, East Devonport Tasmania 7310

What shopping facilities are available there?

Currie is the main CBD on King Island and within the CBD there are two supermarkets, a bakery, butcher, pharmacy, hardware, some clothing, takeaway food, news agency, appliances, toys, giftware, second hand furniture, flowers, plants, hairdressers, beauty, physiotherapist, coffee houses, a Westpac Bank and Commonwealth Bank agency, plumbing supplies, restaurants, wool and crafts, laundromat and more. Most necessary items you really need can usually be purchased or ordered in for you.

Grassy (the other town) has a small supermarket, laundromat, service station and kelp craft store.

Are there childbirth facilities on King Island?

Giving birth is one the great experiences of life, however birthing facilities are unavailable on the Island. Expectant mothers in conjunction with their local doctor, will make arrangements for the birth of their child on either the Tasmanian or Victorian mainland.

Is there a child care centre for my children?

Yes there is. The King Island Child Care & Early Learning Centre is a child care centre in Currie near the school and very close to the kindergarten. The fees are very competitive and the staff are both friendly and well qualified. See the website for more details. 03 6462 1268

What about schooling on King Island?

The King Island District High School caters for children from Kindergarten to Year 10. Facilities at the school include a gymnasium and a recently upgraded heated indoor pool. A new Arts Centre with state of the art sound and lighting equipment was opened in late 2011. Classes are available in science, woodwork, cooking, metalwork, music, art, video production and information technology and more.
Please telephone              03 6462 1366       for further information.

What health care facilities are there on King Island?

There is a Community Health Centre which includes a Hospital, the choice of two General Practitioners, visiting specialists, Nursing Home and Hostel, Community Nursing, Meals on Wheels service, Home Help service, Ambulance and Air Ambulance Service, and much more. Government assistance for isolated patients is available for those who need to travel off the island for doctor referred medical treatment.

Is there a mothers group on King Island?

There is a playgroup which meets twice a week at the King Island Race Course. Currently the meetings are on Tuesday and Thursday between 10.00am and 12.00 noon but they are subject to change. Playgroup is aimed at parents with children aged between newborn and 6 years old. Tea and coffee will be provided and you are welcome to bring morning tea or snacks. Both current and new members are warmly welcomed to attend. For further information please contact Naomi Holmquest on (03) 6463 1144 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Is there public transport on King Island?

No there is no Public Transport on the island. It is necessary to have your own vehicle. There is a community bus and community car for those people who are elderly or disadvantaged. For information about the Community Car please call 0457 347 965

Is there a special 'driving etiquette'?

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” applies to King Island. So when you are on King Island, wave to acknowledge another vehicle or person as you drive past them. This doesn’t have to be the full fledged flinging of the arms and cheek kiss that your Aunty Mabel might give you, it is usually just a raised index finger, or quick one handed wave. Middle fingered salutes are not welcome or acceptable.

Are there the usual rural driving hazards?

Our wallabies, possums, wild turkeys, peacocks and pheasants don’t seem to know the Australian Road Rules, so you will need to drive carefully along our roads. Wallabies don’t just sit quietly on the side of the road as you drive past, they will often jump into the side or back end of your car. Be aware of the danger and be especially careful between dusk and dawn.

Can I buy a vehicle on King Island?


Is there a Taxi service on King Island?

No unfortunately there isn’t a taxi service available at the present time.

Is there a public swimming pool on King Island?

Public access to the King Island School Swimming Pool is available via membership. Please contact the school on 03 6462 1366 for further details.

What is the climate like on King Island?

King Island has a  generally mild climate. In Summer the temperature rarely gets above 30 degrees and in the Winter the temperature is considerably milder than Victoria and Tasmania. There are very few frosts but wind is frequent.

Average daily temperatures recorded in Currie from 1913 – 1997 (courtesy of the Australian Bureau of Statistics) are:









































Mm Mean Rainfall













No. days over 1mm rain














If I go away who will look after my pets?

Yes there are Boarding Kennels and Cat boarding facilities.

Is there a special 'King Island Lingo'?

Of course!

Away - The place you go on holidays, where non residents live, a holiday destination

Coasty - How you feel when you really need a holiday

Bottom Club -The RSL Club

Boomer- Boomerang Motel

Bulldogs- The Bulldogs – North Football Club

Cheesy - The Cheese Factory, King Island Dairy

Co-op- The former name for the IGA supermarket

Down south - Anywhere south of Currie

Golfie- The Golf and Bowling Club

Foreigners- Non residents

Hawks- Grassy Football Club

Home- The name for King Island - used when you are Away

Hommes- The former name for the Foodworks supermarket

Mainland-    the rest of Australia or the Tasmanian main island

Off Island - Same as Away

Overseas - Anywhere other than King Island

Pub- Parers Hotel

Robins- Currie Football Club

The big island- The mainland of Australia to the north of King Island

The Rock- King Island

Up north- Anywhere on King Island, north of King Island Dairies (cheese factory) 


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