King Island Imperial 20
Description: The only coast to coast footrace in Australia.

Over the second weekend in March, you will find one of the most unique running events in the country, the King Island Imperial 20. The event is now in its 19th year. The King Island Imperial 20 has an event for everyone. The main feature is a challenging 32 kilometre footrace which is the only coast to coast race.
King Island Kelp Industries Pty Ltd
Description: Kelp Industries Pty Ltd is a processing site for receiving, drying and milling stormcast Bull Kelp (Durvillea Pototorum) for local Australian customers and for export to Norway.

Self-employed kelp harvesters hand select plants cast on the rocky shores from predominantly the west coast of the island, deliver them to the factory site using an assortment of utilities and trailers, trucks etc.