King Island Beef Producers
Description: The King Island Beef Producers Group was formed to ensure the King Island brand has the best brand image of all red meat products in Australia and the products gain a reputation for excellence throughout the world.
King Island Bakehouse
Description: Hot bread shop eat in or takeaway, hot & cold drinks, cakes & slices, gourmet pies, salad rolls & sandwiches. Voted 2nd best shortbread in Australia, Myer best pie (crayfish pie), bronze in the Aussie Meat Pie Competition.
King Island Produce
Description: Dennis and Peta Klumpp collect storm cast bull kelp and turn it into delicious chutney, pickles and sauce. The flavours compliment King Island cheese, beef and seafood and make an ideal souvenir gift.
King Island Cultural Centre
Description: Our Centre is always busy with local arts, community projects and resident artists, with a continual flow of exhibitions.

There is a unique and authentic story of the King Island people in every room, all the time, and we invite you to come and share them with us.
Aqua Pearl - Jewellery
Description: Quality hand crafted Pearl Jewellery.
In Store @ THE TREND. Main Street, Currie, King Island
King Island Lymwood Honey
Description: King Island Lymwood Honey. This honey is produced from predominately clover pastures in the Pegarah and Lymwood areas and has that unique King Island flavour and quality. King Island Lymwood Honey is 100% pure and natural and the method of cold extraction used ensures that this honey will retain all the natural goodness and quality that only unprocessed food can give you.
King Island Cloud Juice
Description: King Island Cloud Juice offers you supremely pure water.

This Island is perfectly situated to bring you the most pristine water in the World. This enables us to capture untouched droplets of rain water made in Heaven
King Island Dairy
Description: With a legacy spanning more than 100 years, King Island Dairy is Australia's premier specialty cheese and dairy producer creating internationally acclaimed products renowned for their supreme quality, taste and texture.
When it comes to premium handcrafted cheeses and indulgent dairy products you're spoilt for choice at King Island Dairy.
King Island Permaculture Farm
Description: Beef & permaculture farming.
King Island Tourism
Description: King Island Tourism is a voluntary membership based organisation which was first established in the 1920's by tourism and business operators on King Island to promote tourism to the Island. King Island Tourism is able to assist business and holiday travelers by providing information on services, accommodation and what's happening on the Island.
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