King Island Cultural Centre

King Island Cultural CentreThe King Island Cultural Centre located at the Currie Wharf is always busy with local arts, community projects, resident artists and has a constant flow of exhibitions. There is a unique and authentic story of the King Island people in every room, all the time, and we invite you to come and share them with us. 

The island has a small but active core of artists whose work strongly reflects the island culture and landscape and a community that is intrigued and supportive of the arts including collaboration in community arts projects.

Residencies allow particular opportunities for artists to experience the character of a place of great depth, culminating in a diverse range of rich and vibrant art interpretation specific to people and place. They are accepted from across Australia and around the world with artists either self funding their residency or supported by funding from their state or country of origin.

Please telephone the Cultural Centre on  03 6462 1924 for further information or visit the Cultural Centre Facebook page.