King Island Beef Group - October Producer


Wongi Pastoral Company — Roger & Jenny Clemons

On Wongi, spring fever has arrived. The grass is starting to hit its straps, the swans are looking sleek, the wild peacocks are strutting their stuff, and the wallabies are jumping out of their skins.(well, mothers pouches anyway).

Meanwhile, behind the popular Porky Beach the next magnificent crop of Wongi yearling beef are ready to come off their winter run in the sandhills around Horsehead Lagoon, heading for the fattening pastures further inland.

Always looking for ways of improving the eating quality of produce off their property, Roger and Jenny are game for anything, but draw the line at peacock feather pie!

Roger and Jenny's preferred dish is King Island Natural Eye Fillet with King Island Dairy Roaring Forties' blue vein cheese.

King Island Black Swans