Dramatic Society Play

Drama SocietyKing Island Dramatic Society Play -- 2nd weekend in March (long weekend)

The King Island Dramatic Society and Regional Arts is an award winning amateur theatre group and prides itself on working to perfect all areas of the production, thus culminating in a quality performance that King Island can be proud of.

In 1993 financial support from the 80 Founding Members and the King Island Dairies allowed the Society to be reformed and become the active enthusiastic group it is now.

One major production is performed each year.

As a dramactic society we endeavour to: 

To continue to produce successful stage productions. 
To further enhance the Island's cultural experience by bringing working groups of artists to the Island. 
To preserve the audio taped oral history recorded by pioneers of the Island. 
To become more involved in locally initiated cultural events and exhibitions. 
To foster talent and interest in arts and culture on a broader scale.

Past Productions:

1994' Little Shop of Horrors'
1995 'Dazzle'
1996 'Something's Afoot' 
1997 'Arsenic and Old Lace' 
1998'Count Dracula'
2000'Dry Rot'
2001'It's Now or Never'
2002 " 'Allo 'Allo"
2003 'One For The Pot'
2004 'My Giddy Aunt'
2005 'WIld Goose Chase'
2006 'The Real Story of Puss in Boots' 
2007 'Wanted, One Body!'
2008 'The Phantom of the Music Hall'
2009 'Sailing South'
2010 'Murdered to Death'

For more information contact:
President - Shirley Stebbings -  03 6462 1600