King Island Island Produce

Island ProduceThe Island enjoys a reputation for excellence in the production of mouth watering fine beef, superior and delectable dairy products, as well as magnificent fresh seafoods. Other renowned produce include rain water, free-range eggs, honey, locally made breads, pies and cakes. 
King Island has gained an extraordinary reputation for its dairy products. King Island cheeses are in fashionable suburban delicatessens on mainland Australia and around the world and have become a byword for dairy quality. King Island Dairy are internationally renowned for masterfully handcrafting cheese products.
King Island’s grass-fed beef industry is widely regarded as Australia’s leading beef brand due to its consistent tenderness and mouth-watering flavour.  JBS Australia processes Australia’s premium natural beef, King Island Beef. King Island Butchery carries a wide range of King Island meat, including lamb and locally made small goods.
The local fishing fleet have bases in Currie and Grassy, where wharf facilities and sheltered anchorages are available. It is estimated that the fishing industry brings about 20 million into the community annually. The Rock Lobster industry is a large employer with 18 boats operating from the Island. The majority of these vessels operate out of Currie Harbour, with a smaller number using Grassy Harbour. King Island is reputed to have the biggest and best rock lobster in Australia. The industry is protected by a quota system with seasonal closures, no female lobster may be taken between May and mid-November, and a complete shutdown from mid-September until November yearly. These measures ensure breeding stock can carry and dispatch their eggs therefore securing the industry’s future. Rock Lobster is sold onto the live export market via Victorian processors. If you would like cooked product on King Island then you must order in advance.
Giant crab is also a highly desirable commodity landed on the island, these creatures range in size from 2.3kg to 8kg each. The Giant Crab is caught sporadically (weather dependent) and are not always available.
Black and Greenlip abalone are targeted by the Islands two divers. This product is destined for the export market live, canned or dried. This sector is also protected by a strictly governed quota system.
The oyster farm at Sea Elephant River has a maximum capacity of 25,000 oysters with plans to expand the area under production. It sells approximately 5,000 dozen oysters per annum locally.
Kelp Industries manages a factory and site for receiving, drying and milling stormcast bull kelp (Durvillea Pototorum). The alginates produced are for local Australian customers and for export to Scotland and Norway. Harvesting kelp is a commonly recognized occupation on the island.
King Island Cloud Juice is pure rainwater sourced from the cleanest air in the world at 40 Degrees South. Cloudjuice is available locally but is also distributed to the rest of Tasmania, mainland Australia, Asia and Europe.
Fruit and vegetables are grown mainly for the local market. Fresh seasonal produce, which can be bought direct from the growers, includes garlic, lettuce, tomatoes, apples, pears, raspberries and blueberries. Locally produced salt and pepper are sold through local retail outlets.
The King Island Grazing Trails offer itineraries for walking and food trails around King Island.